Nestor E. Saavedra

Software/Web Developer

Computer Science Graduate, @ CSUSB

Bachelor's in Computer Science

I’m a Software/Web Developer & Designer from Riverside, California. I have worked with C#, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Swift and SQL. You are welcome to take a look at some of my projects/code provided on my gitHub links. Some examples of my projects and UI design work can be found below.

Experience With:

Web-Development, UI Design, Mobile Development, and Database Design

Web Development

Design and creation of Web Pages with HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Some of my tools include Adobe XD, Photoshop and inVision for design. I have also used Adobe Dreamweaver, and Atom for code development

App Development

I have worked on Android and iOs applications. I have experience using xCode, Android Studio, Visual Studio, Unity, and the jetBrains suite. I am currently learning AWS & Python to deploy web applications


I have worked with Sql, & PostgreSql. Some of the tools ive used include PgAdmin, and MySql WorkBench. I have worked with backend tools such as node.js to communicate with databases in web applications.

Recent Work

Web development

Email Subscription Web App

Made using MySQL, NodeJS, and Express

Store user emails in a MySQL Database, node.js App deployed via Heroku.

TRAVEL FOX: web design

Made using HTML, CSS , based heavily on BootStrap 4

This page is an idea for a delivery service, design was made with bootstrap 4

Landing Page Design

Made using CSS, HTML, and JS

Landing page with motion effects from CSS Animate library.

Dog adoption page

Made using HTML, CSS, JavaScript

This page cycles through images using JavaScript

RGB guessing game

Made using CSS, HTML, and JavaScript

Guess the color, click the link to play now!

Stitch Keyshot Model

Made using Maya, Z-Brush, and Keyshot

Wrokflow: Maya to Z-Brush and use Keyshot to renderer

Projects for mobile applications

Continuing Work
Apple Watch: Dice Roll

UX/UI Design: Mobile and Web

Scheddit: Scheduler

How to reach me:

Send me an email